Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Core Black BRED Red CP9652 5-13

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Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Core Black BRED Red CP9652 5-13

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Core Black Red CP9652 breds

The highly anticipated yeezy of 2017 dropped in February. get your UA here... what you see in the picture is what you get 100% 

These shoes deserve all the hype, the yeezyz are simply the best sneakers out right now, and the replicas are getting better than the authentics, and that is because it is made by the same people that make the originals.

 These are one of the best, if not D best replicas out there right now.


  • Footlocker receipt with release date
  • box
  • free yeezy keychain and socks
  • brown adidas X yeezy shopping bag 




Questions & Answers

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  • I'm a true 10.5 ultra boost 3.0 and I also have some 11s that still fit good just looser. What size should I order?

     Hey there :), you can order a 11 because the yeezyz fit really really snug, but if you like snugness, you can go for the 10.5 but i would advise a 11 because you can wear it for a longer time :)....your feet could grow overnight

  • Could I be able to return if I’m not satisfied with the order ?

    returns and refunds are accepted IF and ONLY IF, you recieve the wrong order, wrong size, color or the item comes damaged or doesnt arrive..

  • How long does the shipping take if I live in Florida? And is there a shipping fee when you purchase the Yeezys?

    Hey, shipping takes 5-11 days....usually 7days for USA....but sometimes orders deliver in 3days and sometimes orders get delayed and are delivered in 15days.....but typically 5-11 days :)

  • I'm a US9. What size should I pick? Is there any US9.5 for Yeezy bred?

    hey , we have size 9.5.. if you dont see it as an option, order a 9 and leave a note saying you want 9.5 instead and we will honor the request :)

  • Do you guys ship to India? Do we have to pay customs, tax or anything as well? Do you accept debit cards? Also, how long would it take to reach here?

    hey, We ship WORLDWIDE for free, so yeap , we ship to india :)

    No, you WILL NOT PAY any CUSTOMS TAX because we ship items as "gift" and put the value as "$10" .

    Yes we accept credit/debit cards and american express, apple pay , union pay etc.

    Delivery takes 5-11 days free shipping. 

  • do you guys ship to malaysia?

    hey, yes, we ship replica watches to malaysia for free. best quality