UA Adidas X Yeezy 350 Boost V2 AQUA BLUE TINT Colorway

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 MISSED THE OFFICIAL NEW  YEEZY RELEASE? DO NOT WORRY, WE GOT YOUR BACK :) (even before they were released ;) )

  • ¬†they are officially dropping in October 2017 along with two other colorways in december (Hopefully yeezy doesnt pull back)..
  • These UAs are made by the same people that make the originals, thats why we are able to have already made them :)
  • ¬†Get them early to resell or stunt
And even if you dont like reps, and Missed a Yeezy 350 v2 boost release date, Do not worry, you can get the The UA (Unauthorized Authentic) replica versions of released and unreleased pairs here!!. They are made by the same people that make the originals! they come with:
  • box
  • footlocker/adidas store receipt
  • free yeezy keychain
  • free yeezy socks

Plus, dont buy resell!!! half of them are reps...and bad reps !! a lot of people buy our reps and sell on ebay as authentics !! so do not buy resell, rather buy replicas because the majority of "resell" out there are fake !! WE DO NOT SUPPORT SELLING REPLICAS AS AUTHENTICS !! THAT IS DECEIVING AND ITS NOT HONEST !! SO PLEASE, DO NOT TRY IT !


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