Adidas yeezy suply boost 350 v2 beluga grey and orange stripe

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YEEZY YEEZY YEEZY YEEZY just OFFICIALLY JUMPED OVER jumpman with these awesome colorways he keeps dropping AND more to drop soon.

These shoes make you feel like you are walking on a mini trampoline!! best sneakers out right now, and the replicas are getting better than the authentic. These are one of the best, if not D best replicas out there right now.Ā And that is because it is make by the same people that make the originals.


  • Footlocker reciept with release date
  • box
  • free yeezy keychain and socks
  • brown adidas X yeezy shopping bagĀ 

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  • on the ADIDAS YEEZY SUPLY BOOST 350 V2 BELUGA GREY AND ORANGE STRIPE what does the "Y" on the orange stripe suply looklike ? does it loke like V instead Y like the retail one ? and is this the UA replica one ?

     Hey our Yeezyz are UA's made by the same people that make the original.....and the Y looks like a V...they pay close attention to small big giveaways like that