UA Adidas yeezy boost v2 "CREAM WHITE"

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The latest drop from the yeezy boost v2 collection is now available for purchase. LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE, LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE!! "1:1 !!!


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***FREE yeezy shoe keychain

**FREE adidas X yeezy socks

*COMES WITH FOOTLOCKER/ADIDAS RECIEPT (incase you want to resell as authentics) Our buyers sell on ebay as original prices because our yeezy is SUPER PERFECT replica! Our factory workers are ex adidas workers so everything is 1:1



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  • are there any comparisons between ur replicas and the real thing?

    hey there, we have videos of our yeezyz up on you NEW youtube channel

    new because our previous one got shutdown, but we are RE-Uploading all the videos. in the meantime, we have three videos of the yeezyz on our channel, enjoy (and subscribe :) )

  • are the sizes same as original adidas sizes for yeezy 350 and how long does it take to shit to germany?

    sizes are in US MEN size, so use google to check what your european size is in USA MEN size....they are original adidas sizes. 

    shipping is free 5-15 days but usually on the 7th day (allow 2-3 days after you order to get your tracking number)

  • i cant use the sale code NEWSKOOL why cant i use it?It say i dont meet requirements

     Hey there.....use code AP10, Sorry about that

  • how is the boost one these compared to the real ones

     Hey, the factory now produces our yeezyz with REAL BOOSTS!! Because as you may know, the people that supply our yeezyz in shanghai are adidas factory workers themselves.